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Summer Cyclists

Leah Reeves

Looking back at my last post in January, I noticed how I mentioned the plan to make a cyclist mosaic.  So it makes sense to write a little about the project now that it's complete.  First off I decided to make 2 cyclists together rather than one, I thought this would make for a more lively and fun piece, adding more of a story.

It was a fairly fiddly mosaic. Cutting and placing each piece for the wheels was a challenge, which I had to do twice after deciding to have a white inner tyre.  But I think the look paid off as it really makes each wheel stand out.

Lastly I tried something new for the sky, I often go for a dark blue sky with stars but this time opted for a peachy summer evening.  It doesnt bring the strong contrast that a darker sky would have but I believe adds a lighter carefree feeling to the overall artwork.


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