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Bye Bye Maggie Magpie

Leah Reeves

I loved making this mosaic, it's been brewing in my head for ages.  I am a little obsessed with magpies - religiously saluting two and silently cheering the sighting of one!  So I almost compulsively made it to satisfy my superstitious side. And funnily enough it was snapped up super quick and was my fastest ever selling mosaic.  

But don't worry, if you are a Maggie Magpie fan you can still get her in a limited edition giclée print! 

Maggie Magpie may be a feisty, independent woman but is a slave to the finer things in life: champagne, glamorous clothes, a deadly passion for jewelry and a penchant for cigars.  A true bohemian she never understood the concept of work and would rather fund her lifestyle from the blackjack table.  Her two pet magpies always bring her all the luck she needs and if they happen to come home with a string of pearls or a diamond ring she pretends to scold them, but rewards them with fresh eggs for their tea.


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