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Juan is Dead takeover Casa Morita

Leah Reeves art bowie candyskull installation interactive pinata


For London Design Festival and the celebration of their 5th Birthday, Casa Morita - the authentic Mexican restaurant in Brixton - invited Juan is Dead to take over their restaurant space.

We are showing our large Mariachi mosaic for the first time, which was inspired by the streets of Oaxaca.  I also made some new ceramic pieces especially for the space, which will be coming to the shop soon. These include the playful ‘Let’s Dance’ skeletons hanging from the ceiling.  Customers are invited to gently pull the hanging cord to make the skeletons jiggle and listen to their jangly bones.

The show stopper piece is undoubtedly the Rebel Rebel inspired Pinata in honour of Brixton born David Bowie.  This was our first Pinata project and so much fun to make.  I really had no idea how it was going to turn out but was pretty chuffed with the end result.  The showdown took place on Sunday the 25th of September with a big scramble for sweets and prizes.

The pieces will be on display in the restaurant until after Day of the Dead.

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